OPENING: Thursday, April 6, 2017 18:00-20:00

John Healey uses a process that starts with a thin, clear piece of plastic, affixed to the front bumper of his mobile office.  The weekly schedule of sales runs across Ontario and Quebec is the collection platform for his new work.  Living, breathing insects repeatedly collide en-route, creating a randomly dissociated raw sample, which he transforms into a final, gleaming, abstract image.

These images are the product of a deliberate creative process.  His cycle repeats itself through each phase – collection, transformation, realization – each step informed by vision and craft – culminating in a unique work that marries utterly random beginnings with photographic technique and a measured hand. 

1255 Wellington Street W (above Thyme and Again) Ottawa, ON

Exposure Gallery is a creative collaboration between the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa and Thyme and Again. This space functions not only as a sophisticated gallery space, but also as a restaurant, a gathering space, and a venue for special events. Through this collaboration, we hope to strengthen the existing community and to introduce a new audience to the appreciation of photo-based art. The gallery is located on the top floor of Thyme and Again.