OPENING: Wednesday, September 19 from 6-8pm

ON-VIEW: September 19-November 12, 2018

In Summer Studies, the images evoke the dreamlike and euphoric atmosphere of the season, while also attempting to accept its impermanence, and ultimately, the impermanence of all living things. This series begins a personal exploration of how mental states shift and fluctuate throughout the year. As I seek to remember the feeling of a place and time, I recognize that most memories are flawed, as the brain subconsciously decides what slivers of information to hold on to and what to let go of. These images are the slivers of my own intense, emotional state represented in a visual form.  


Celeste Marten is a visual artist based in Ottawa, Canada. Using art as communication, she is interested in the intensely therapeutic and cathartic qualities that are allowed through visual expression. Her work predominantly explores ideas of identity and transition, memory and loss.