located in the second floor studio @Thyme & Again

Judy Dougherty

Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as spent fire crackers and the birth of her granddaughter, Judy uses vintage paper, found objects, mixed media and unconventional techniques to create works that intrigue and challenge the viewer.

A self taught artist, her work is the result of a purely intuitive process. She considers her work to be “a revelation of detail and texture and an exploration of our common history”.

“I am not inclined to comment on anything in the art world unless it is something that I feel is special, unique, fresh, exciting and/or relevant.  Judy Dougherty’s work encompasses all of the above. What I love the most about her work is that Judy simply defies a category and is therefore wonderfully original. Judy’s work is seriously playful and aesthetically accessible to anyone with an eye for ‘cool’.”

Joel Pleet

Art consultant and former Director of Gallery four seven nine

From now until her exhibition is over, Judy Dougherty will be present in the gallery every Thursday from 12pm-3pm.

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