OPENING: Wednesday, September 18 | 6-8PM | ON-VIEW: September 18 - November 4, 2019

Heal represents a pilgrimage back to the self. In a dialogue of expression, Katherine Fulwider and Lauren Boucher utilize the photographic medium as a vehicle for introspection, exposing the active process of healing.

In Fulwider’s project Womb, elements of nature and the female form are brought into union through exploring the disconnection between humans, nature and Spirit. Through her dreamlike cyanotypes, Fulwider highlights the universal need for connection and refuge in growth. In You Are Safe Here, Boucher examines ephemera and how the photographic medium plays into recording impermanence. In her visceral, poetic imagery, Boucher enacts performative release by vocalizing personal prayer and affirmation.

Together, Boucher and Fulwider reclaim voice and access inner truths through connection to both the external world and the intimate self.


OPENING: Wednesday, July 17 | 6-8PM | ON-VIEW: July 17 - September 19, 2019

FRAGMENTS is a photography exhibition that features six emerging artists –– Terry Blake, Marthe Bujold, Julie Melaschenko, Danielle Labonté, Sandra Leduc, and Dyanne Wilson. From the tip of Mount Everest to the garden outside your window, FRAGMENTS provides a glimpse into how the camera can be used to enhance narratives –– whether personal or anthropological.

Terry Blake documents how people shape space along Queen Street in Toronto. Marthe Bujold creates diptychs of outdoor places close to Ottawa, challenging the familiarity of these places. Julie Melaschenko delves into her powerful relationship with her grandmother by creating still lifes of costume jewelry. Danielle Labonté uses her camera to pictoralize landscapes from around the world and her own backyard. Sandra Leduc takes viewers with her to the brink of death on the side of Mount Everest. And Dyanne Wilson explores the life and landscapes of the Northwest Territories, where she grew up as a child and rediscovered as an adult.

Though their images differ in photographic language and genre, each artist is interested in telling visual stories.

Curated in collaboration with Neeko Paluzzi and Michael Tardioli.

FRAGMENTS is a result of the part-time course, PRINT to EXHIBITION, an eight-week course administered by the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO). For more details about SPAO’s programming, please visit SPAO.ca


Regarding Faith

OPENING: Thursday, May 30 | 6-8PM

While the 850 year old Notre-Dame-de-Paris burned on the 15th of April, 2019, the damage was more than to a masterpiece of medieval art and architecture. It was also a reminder of how far behind we have left the judeo-christian origins of our civilization. Katherine Kyrialopoulous’ opulent photographs of unpeopled church sanctuaries and Vivian Törs’ fantastical lumen “windows” are intended to initiate contemplation. Contemplation of the beauty of the church interiors, and of what inspired the construction and ornamentation of these holy spaces. Ultimately, the viewer is asked to consider how and why we have distanced ourselves from the faith which facilitated the creation of these priceless monuments, and whether we are the better for having done so.


Not an Island, Nor a Home

OPENING: Wednesday, March 6 from 6-8PM

Not an Island, Nor a Home is a series of photo-based works by Hannah Evans and Geneviève Labbé that explore the indescribable bouts of loneliness and moments of upheaval often associated with depressive states, as well as the desire to have those chaotic feelings linger. There is a human need to fix what is broken, however, what happens when you no longer want that something fixed? The constant ebb and flow of emotions over an extended period of time renders its host desensitized; feelings become second nature and suddenly the individual can’t imagine their life without them.



OPENING: Wednesday, January 16 from 6-8PM

This dual exhibition juxtaposes a selection of Richard Robesco's romantic landscapes from his recent SCOTLANDIA series, with Glenn Bloodworth's minimalist seascapes from his recent ODYSSEY series. You will observe two different and very contemporary interpretations of centuries-old themes in visual art.

ODYSSEY - OCEANS by Glenn Bloodworth

Bloodworth is often struck by the parallels between Homer’s “The Odyssey” and his experiences. Both entail themes of wandering, quests over unfamiliar spaces, and searches for a goal. In particular his travels crossing the world’s oceans evokes the essence of an odyssey – the questioning of what lies ahead, the uncertainty of future direction, and journeying without familiar guideposts. Oceans – water and air – are very commonplace, and yet they underlie humans’ very existence; the beginnings of life shrouded in mystery. 

SCOTLANDIA by Richard Robesco

Reminiscent of Renaissance-era paintings, these images were taken from Robesco's SCOTLANDIA series of photographs and celebrate the Romantic Landscape.  Their titles have been inspired by Scottish folklore and mythology.



OPENING: Wednesday, November 14 from 6-8PM

ON-VIEW: November 14-December 30, 2018

Edges Overlooked is a visual exploration of how seemingly banal environments have an important societal impact. These ordinary elements that exist (either whole or broken) in our immediate spaces of created landscapes are a sensitive portrayal of progression, aggression, human interference, and abandonment. With all the images taken during summer months, I hope to heighten the nostalgic feeling of warmer days, and how the season itself is so temporary as well. Spanning from the East, West Coast and South of Canada and the United States, I hope to show how our behaviour - the struggle of material necessity, loss, and estrangement - can look the same wherever you go, and doesn’t rely on location.

Jocelyn Keays is a photographer and photo-based artist living in Ottawa, Ontario. A graduate of Algonquin College's photography program, she has recently finished her studies at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa in the full-time program, with recognition of a high achievement in lighting. Mainly using analog photography in her practice, with an emotional and romantic approach, she explores the ideas of human thought, reaction and emotion to banal life.

Keays - Exposure - Web  - 001.jpg
Keays - Exposure - Web  - 002.jpg
Keays - Exposure - Web  - 005.jpg
Keays - Exposure - Web  - 004.jpg

OPENING: Wednesday, September 19 from 6-8pm

ON-VIEW: September 19-November 12, 2018

In Summer Studies, the images evoke the dreamlike and euphoric atmosphere of the season, while also attempting to accept its impermanence, and ultimately, the impermanence of all living things. This series begins a personal exploration of how mental states shift and fluctuate throughout the year. As I seek to remember the feeling of a place and time, I recognize that most memories are flawed, as the brain subconsciously decides what slivers of information to hold on to and what to let go of. These images are the slivers of my own intense, emotional state represented in a visual form.  


Celeste Marten is a visual artist based in Ottawa, Canada. Using art as communication, she is interested in the intensely therapeutic and cathartic qualities that are allowed through visual expression. Her work predominantly explores ideas of identity and transition, memory and loss.